Issue 13 and Volume 39.

WATER SUPPLY FOR NEW YORK. On the subject of the water supply for New York city the New York Tribune says editorially: “We have hitherto expressed, and are now all the more confirmed in the belief that the city ought to secure all the water from Dutchess county that is not needed up there for local consumption. It ought to do the same in Suffolk county, and, also, in the Catskill region. When it has done so, it will have a daily supply the year round of. at least, 1,300,000,000. and. perhaps, of 1,500,000,000, gallons, which, w ith reasonable precautions against waste, will lie enough for a community of 12,000. 000 inhabitants, or three times the present size of New York. There may be reason for doubting that New York will ever grow beyond such size If it does not, then these sources of supply will be sufficient for its…

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