Issue 13 and Volume 39.

WATER RATES. NORWALK, CONN. ONE FAMILY—$5 per annum; two families, $7; three and over, $3 per family. EACH CLOSET.—$3 per annum. EACH BATH.—$3 per annum. EACH HOSE—$3 per annum. ONE House.—$2; each additional horse, $I. MEIER RATES.—$0.05 per 1,000 gallons; water for power, $0.10 per 1,000 gallons. No charge is made for fire hydrants, as the works are owned hy the city. CANYON CITY, COLO. BAKERY.$24. BAKIIKK SHOP. -One chair, $12; each additional chair, $3. ONE BATHTUB.$8.50; each additional, $6.50. BATHS. Private residences, $4; in hotels, business blocks, or other public places, $8.50. Bun K WORK, per M kiln count. 6 cents. BUTCHER SHOE. $10; with sprinkler, $22. CISTERNS. For each filling, $5. COURTHOUSE. $175. C’UTIROOM.— $10. DRUG STORE. $10. DYKING OR SCOURING KSTAIIUSH ME NT.-$20. HATING HOUSE OK RESTAURANT. $15. HI.EITRIC LIGHT WORKS$60. h’oRGEs. -Each, $10. FOUNTAINS. With discharging vent 1-16-inch diameter, $10; with discharging vent 1-8-in. dianiitcr. $jo;…

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