Issue 13 and Volume 39.

NEW RESERVOIR FOR NEW BRITAIN. New Britain, Conn., will soon begin work on the Burlington supply, and by next year will begin the construction of the pipe-line, when, it is hoped, the price of pipe will be less. In two years’ time the reservoir will be begun. It will he just about midway between the ends of the proposed dam and a little higher than the level of a small basin, which will he dug out to allow for the settling of sediment. The core-wall will be about six feet in the ground. Its height above the ground level is to be about seven or eight feet. The intake will be located in the bed of the main brook. The pipe-line will probably follow a southeasterly course and will be connected with the twenty-four-inch pipe from the Shuttle meadow reservoir. Shut-off gates will be located near the junction of the…

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