Issue 14 and Volume 39.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MUNICIPAL ENGINEERS. The eleventh annual convention of the International Association of Municipal Engineers will be held at New Haven, Conn., on August 15, 16 and 17, 1906. The following papers will be presented and discussed: “History of the fire alarm and police telegraph,” “Details of certain auxiliaries to fire alarm apparatus,” “Advisability of protecting municipal electricians by the civil service laws,” “Comparison of underground and overhead wiring, and of the relative values of single, rubber-covered wire and lead-encased cable for underground construction,” “Conditions surrounding the inspection of wires in the Southwest.” In addition to the above, the Question Boxwill be a featnre at this meeting, so as to increase the interest. Members having any questions they would like to have explained are requested to send them to the secretary, and they will be assigned to some one who is competent to answer them fully. Application blanks formembership…

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