Issue 14 and Volume 39.

A NEW CONCRETE STEEL REINFORCED STANDPIPE The Fine Structure Just Completed at Attleboro. Specially written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING The past year has been the most important of any in the history of the waterworks plant of Atttleboro, Mass., which owns the waterworks system. It has been a year of improvements all round, in the source of supply (begun the year before and completed in 1905) and the substantial betterment of the distribution service and that for fire protection. The works, which were constructed in 1873, serve to supply a population of 13,500, with 13,(XX) on the lines of pipe. 1 he source of water supply is a circular well near the Seven-Mile river into a standpipe thirty feet in diameter and 175 feet high. The betterment of the supply for fire service involved laying an additional main between the source of supply and the town, so as to…

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