Issue 14 and Volume 39.

FIRE PROTECTION AT BELLEVUE HOSPITAL. Besides the large amount of fire protection afforded to Bellevue hospital, Manhattan, New York, the institution has an efficient private fire brigade whose distinguishing feature is that its mode of operation is not accompanied by any noise. Its members work in absolute silence, under pain of instant dismissal from the brigade and suspension as an employe of the hospital. All the work is done by visual signaling—motions of the arms by day and red lanterns by night. I he members are the orderlies, messengers and other male attaches of the hospital, and their discipline is perfect. Their services are frequently in demand, as the hospital is made up of many buildings, some of which are frame and others by no means even fire-resistant. A chime-whistle gives notice of a lire, and the doctors are notified by the muffled tinkle of a telephone bell. They, with…

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