Issue 14 and Volume 39.

AMONG THE FIRE ENGINEERS Specially reported for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. It is no wonder that a spirit of contentment pervades the fire department of SPRINGFIELD, OHIO. since the advent of the new city council to power, the first act of that body at its January meeting was to raise the salaries of the firemen from the chief down. Chief Samuel F. Hunter got a raise of $25 a month and the rank and file $10 each per month—the first increase they have had in fifteen years. If the work they do every year is as good as it was in 11/15 (and presumably it was, else the raise would not have been forthcoming), then they richly deserved the increase. During the past year the department was called out 164 times to protect property worth $1,132,500, with insurance involved to the amount of $031,500. 1 lie property loss, as estimated,…

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