Issue 16 and Volume 39.

STANDARD THREADS FOR HYDRANT AND HOSE COUPLINGS The question of the adoption of a standard thread for fire hose and hydrant couplings has been discussed more or less vigorously for many years. The International Association of hire Engineers has long been an advocate of such a uniform thread, and, as far back as 1873, when the National association at the Cleveland, Ohio, convention recommended a universal thread of seven and a half to the inch to two and a halfinch fire hose and. also, suggested the use of reducers and expanders as a measure of economy. Some fire departments adopted the suggestion. Three ‘cars afterwards, at the convention of 1876, the suggestion was that the New York standard he adopted; hut no details were recorded, and the report was tabled. In 1878 it was proposed to adopt eight threads to the inch, with an inside diameter of two and half…

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