Issue 16 and Volume 39.

PITHY PARAGRAPHS INCENDIARI8M IN TURKEY. That the Turks are still given to incendiarism is shown by a communication issued by the Turkish Embassy in London, which says that the “assertion made recently by an evening paper in London that some Ottoman police officials are forbidding owners of poor dwellings or lodgers therein to have their premises insured against fire, under the pretext that many conflagrations are due to insurance companies, is absolutely unfounded. It is true that, as houses and effects in Constantinople are often insured for an amount far superior to their real value, the hope of receiving large sums prompts many holders of insurance policies to commit arson. There is evidence also to show that fires, which were already so freuuent at Constantinople and in the Ottoman provinces, arc becoming more numerous still, sinqe many insurance companies, which have their head offices abroad, have been established in the…

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