Issue 16 and Volume 39.

COSTLY FIRE CHIEFS. Under the above heading the Firemen’s Fund Record has a somewhat caustic article, many of whose sweeping assertions and conclusions cannot for a moment be regarded as even approximately correct. It is chiefly directed against all the larger cities of the Pacific coast, with the exception of San Francisco. Without, however, by any means indorsing its verdict upon these cities, the article tells the truth and hits blots in important particulars. Omitting, therefore, the local allusions and personalities, it runs as follows: “The experience [of a certain] fire department in a recent sugar warehouse fire, where [considerable] damage was caused by indiscreet use of water to one dollar’s damage by fire, emphasises the necessity for having a thoroughly competent trained firemen for a chief. The fire department force is always, in all cities and towns, made up of men who are ready and willing to risk life…

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