Issue 17 and Volume 39.

PARLOR MATCH PERILS. 1 lie friction parlor match (says Viccpresident Louis S. Amonson, of the Union of Philadelphia) looks harmless enough; yet statistics show it claims each year a harvest of human lives and millions m property. Js it not criminal carelessness to permit their use, when the equally cheap safety match is always obtainable—-the kind that lights only on the box? With the safety match in general use. and the dangerous match outlawed by an extra charge and a general recognition of its dangers, if not bv the enactment of proscriptive legislation, a multitude of small losses and some very large ones would b annually avoided. All that is necessary to bring this about is agitation and educational work—first among underwriters, who arc equal offenders with the general public, then through the rating associations and great army of insurance agents, reaching every home, store and factory in the country.”…

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