Issue 17 and Volume 39.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. It is a noticeable fact that during the conflagration in San Francisco, while the modern Mission church—the original parish church of the city—fell a sacrifice to the fire, the original church built of adobe—a specie of concrete—came out unscathed, after having been exposed to the same fury of the flames. Concrete as a building material is rapidly coming to the front. During the fire at San Francisco extensive use was made of dynamite and black gunpowder and even of cannonading the buildings as yet unconsumed because there was no possibility of throwing water on the flames. Some question the propriety of having recourse to such extreme methods, especially to the employment of dynamite or other explosives, on the ground that the flying splinters are liable to intensify the evil. It may fairly he asked, however, on the other side, how, in default of the possibility of…

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