Issue 17 and Volume 39.

METERAGE Notes and Comments Concerning the Use of Meters. Prescott, Ont., is making inquiries as to the use of meters. A local paper of Bridgeport, Conn., says that that city has become a convert to meterage. Out of 2,522 services in Leominster, Mass., 1,060 are metered. Two hundred and thirty-one meters were installed last year. The National Meter company has issued invitations to a dinner, to be given this evening, commemorating the manufacture and sale ot 500,000 water meters. President Turner, of the Marion, Kan., waterworks company, thinks it may be necessary to put in meters for private water consumers, it the city cannot pay at least as much as formerly for water. There are now set at Northampton, Mass., fifty-nine meters upon the services of the largest consumers. No attempt has been made to meter residences. The meters mostly in use are those furnished by the National Meter company.…

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