Issue 17 and Volume 39.

THE GREAT CONFLAGRATION AT SAN FRANCISCO. Terrible Loss of Life and Property Caused by Earthquake and Fire. Special correspondence of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. It is not often that any city is visited with a double scourge, such as that from the violence of whose stroke San Francisco is still reeling. It is true that earthquakes have oftentimes been accompanied with a tidal wave, which has caused great loss of life and wrought terrible destruction of property. But somehow or another the horror of such a disaster does not seem to strike home so forcibly as one in which fire and flames play such a conspicuous role. Death by drowning, even by being swallowed up quick or having the life crushed out by the fall of a huge pile of masonry, dreadful as it is to read about, does not seem to inspire the same idea of terror and torture…

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