Issue 21 and Volume 39.

HOW CHINESE FIGHT FIRES. A correspondent of the London Times writes as follows of the methods of firefighting pursued by the Chinese: “A fire broke out in the afternoon in the centre of Peking, whereby for the second time within the last three years the Board of Revenue buildings were destroyed. The resources of Peking were exhausted in vain, and the confusion was infinite. The flames were combated by hundreds of men carrying banners and blocking all movement in the vicinity of the conflagration. There was a hideous clangor of gongs and tomtoms, as in some South Sea island. Those of the authorities who depended upon water in fighting the flames carried it in old kerosene tins and beanoil baskets, using apoliances dating from the time of William Rufus. Assistance was also given by some handpower engines dating from the time of the battle of Waterloo, which squirted unavailing jets…

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