Issue 21 and Volume 39.

THE BAYONNE FIRE DEPARTMENT. Not before it was time the fire department of this city is to be reorganised and remodeled. Hitherto it has been a purely volunteer establishment, with some 600 members, of whom quite a large minority are simply so much dead wood, patting in an appearance only at dress parades, banquets and the like, but availing themselves religiously and scrupulously of all the privileges of their order. These form ten companies and are equipped with the following aooaratus: Steamers, even; hook and ladder trucks, two; hose carriages, ten; horses, twenty-five, with supply wagon, hand-extinguishers and other appliances. The Gamewell fire alarm telegraph is also installed, with between thirty and fortv boxes. Under the new dispensation, the number of companies will be reduced to seven, or at most eight, with three paid men to each company, the rest being on call, t he chief will be paid $1,000…

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