Issue 21 and Volume 39.

WATERWORKS LITIGATION. TWIN SPRINSS, IDAHO. In the suit of Henry Schodde vs. the Twin Falls Land and Water company the Federal court has rendered a decision sustaining a demurrer to the complaint. This disposes of the case, unless the plaintiff appeals to the United States Court of Appeals, as is expected. The case briefly stated is as follows: Plaintiff owns certain lands on the bank of Snake river. For the purpose of irrigating his premises he built in the river waterwheels to be run by the force of the current, thereby raising the water to a sufficient elevation to conduct it over his lands. The waterwheels are so built that, if the water in the river is raised, the wheels will not perform their intended functions and, if it is lowered, the wheels do not touch the water. The Twin Falls Land and Water company, for the purpose of irrigating…

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