Issue 21 and Volume 39.

DESTRUCTION OF RAILWAY PROPERTY AT MONCTON Special correspondence of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. A destructive fire recently swept the carshops and yards of the Intercolonial Railway at Moncton, N. B. Its origin is set down to spontaneous combustion, a defective electric wire or incendiarism. The shops were situated at the west end of the city, the northern portion being outside of its system of fire protection, and covered a space of between five and six acres. The paint and car repair shops were each 560 feet by seventy and two stories in height, the two being built of brick. The boiler shop, also of brick, was 160 by 100. All were erected about 1870 and 1872. When the city fire brigade arrived, these buildings were burning furiously, the whole of the paint shop being a sheet of Hamc. The department’s apparatus on the ground consisted of two steamers. a Ronald…

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