Issue 21 and Volume 39.

RESULT OF THE SAN FRANCISCO FIRE. Among the worst results of the San Francisco fire, excluding, of course, the loss of life and the suffering to its citizens, is the trouble and expense that must be undergone by so many persons to maintain their rights to their real estate. It is found that out of 1,439 books of mortgages only one was saved, and out of 2,100 books of deeds, only 800 have been found intact, although the complete index of deeds remains unhurt in the Hall of Records. As a consequence, nine-tenths of the property owners will have to prove title to their property. It is likely, therefore, that many suits will be brought to acquire title. Another discovery has been made—namely, that thousands of dollars held by the police as evidence in criminal cases has been destroyed. The vaults in the property clerk’s office at the Hall of…

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