Issue 21 and Volume 39.

SUCCESSFUL WELL DRILLING. The Artesian Well and Water Supply company of Providence, R. I., has made a record for well-drilling that has probably not been equaled by any other concern in this special line in the eastern part of the country. No doubt this result has been accomplished by a thorough understanding of the most modern and effective methods of producing water supplies under difficult environments, and the company, therefore, must be given credit for the success that attended its efforts. The wells drilled number fifty, varying in size from two and a half to eight inches in diameter. The flow of water varies from 1,500 to 1,000,000 gallons per day, according to the strata and dimensions of each boring. The operations of the company extend over considerable territory, a gang of twenty two and one-half-inch wells at Rome, N. Y., yielding over 720,000 gallons, and a single eight-inch well…

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