Issue 23 and Volume 39.

UNDERFLOW IN ARKANSAS VALLEY. An investigation of the “Underflow in Arkansas Valley” in western Kansas is described in Water Supply and Irrigation Paper 153, published by the United States Geological Survey. Professor Charles S. Slichter, the author, mapped the ground-water level within six to twelve miles of the river channels, and measured the flow of the water by his wellknown electrical method. The measurements were made in private wells and a few sunk for the purpose. The underflow was found to have an average rate of eight feet in twenty-four hours, in the general direction of the valley. The water surface slopes to the east at the rate of seven and a half feet per mile, and towards the river at the rate of two to three feet. The underflow has its origin in the rainfall on the sandhills south of the river and on the bottom lands and plains…

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