Issue 23 and Volume 39.

CORRESPONDENCE THE AUTOMOBILE PERIL. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: So far as the automobile peril applies to ordinary street traffic, foot or vehicular. FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is not even indirectly concerned. But, when it comes to automobilists deliberately or carelessly getting in the way of the lire apparatus on its way to a fire, and so obstructing its passage as to force the driver of the piece of apparatus to pull up at a time when every second counts, or, as in the fatal case at Hoboken, N. J., the other day, so to swerve his machine out of the way of the automobile as to run the risk of overturning his engine, hose wagon or truck, thereby imperiling his own life and the lives and limbs of the crew, to say nothing of injuring the horses or the piece of apparatus, then it is time to have those…

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