Issue 23 and Volume 39.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING Notes on Construction, Extension and Management At no time in the history of the city has the water department of HARRISBURG, PA. been in as good condition to furnish the consumers with such a continuous supply of good water as at present. This is due to the improvements that have taken place; others are contemplated which will render the supply more satisfactory at different points and allow it to be better and more economically handled. These, however, are principally of a local character, and are caused by the ever-increasing boundaries of the city. The year just closed is, without doubt, the largest in all important respects that has ever been recorded, there being more water pumped, more revenue received, more credit allowed for the payment of assessments, for laying water mains, more taps added, more meters set, and, with the exception of the year 1904,…

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