Issue 23 and Volume 39.

ENGLISH AND WELSH FIRE BRIGADES. According to an official return to the British government as to the fire brigades and fires in England and Wales, it appears that the numbers of fire brigades is 1,903, of which 660 are retained (under rule of city): 705 are volunteer; 434 are private; thirty-four are professional: and sixtyone are police. As to the membership: That of the “retained” brigades is 8.827; volunteer. 9,351; private. 8.538: “professional.” 2.223: police. 1.698 These figures, however (the London Fireman points out) are “unavoidably inexact.” They do not include any of the numerous private brigades in London, and the statistics of both volunteer and private brigades are necessarily given subject to the impossibility of defining in numerous cases what does and what does not come under the designations in question. Is the lift-boy, who is allowed to wear a pancake cap and is told he may run round…

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