Issue 23 and Volume 39.

AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. THE BOSTON CONVENTION. Arrangements for transportation have been made with all the railways, except those of the Trans-Continental Passenger association (roads west of Denver, Colo.), whereby the round trip to and from the convention will cost a fare and one-third for the round trip, on the certificate plan, for delegates, their families, representatives, etc. The Trans-Continental roads have excursion fares at that time, which will be equally good. The proper plan for those who intend to be present at the convention will be to get one of these excursion rate tickets to some point in the. territory of some other passenger association, and get a certificate thence to Boston, unless a better tnrough rate can be obtained otherwise. There will be plenty of hotel accommodation, without crowding;. Those who wish to secure rooms should write direct to the hotel of their choice. Good hotels may be…

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