Issue 23 and Volume 39.

WATERWORKS IMPROVEMENTS AT ATLANTIC CITY Special correspondence of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. The waterworks system of Atlantic City, N. J., was originally a dual one, consisting of the Wood or Absecon system (built in 1882) and the Consumers’ (built in 1885). These became the property of the Atlantic City Water company, and were purchased by the city in 1895. The source of supply for the Wood system is one four-inch, one six-inch and eleven ten-inch driven wells, and the Absecon creek by canal to the pumping stat i. The Consumers’ system derives its water from five artesian wells 560 to 800 feet deep. The Consumers’ pumping station was shut down in November, 1904, on account of the expense of pumping the small supply available. The mode of supply is pumping directly to a standpipe. The pumping machinery at Absecon station consists of a t ,000,000-gal ton, simple, non-condensing Worthington, a…

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