Issue 24 and Volume 39.

WATER SUPPLY FOR PANAMA. The system of water supply for the city of Panama, as arranged by Secretary Taft, consists of a main impounding reservoir, at an elevation of approximately 235 feet above the level of the sea, containing enough water to supply the city of Panama with 2,000,000 gallons daily—an average on the basis of 30,000 population, which was at least fifty per cent, in excess of the present number of inhabitants. The water is conducted to the immediate vicinity of Panama through a sixteen-inch main, and discharged into an auxiliary reservoir of 1,000,000 gallons capacity, situated at an elevation of approximately 140 feet above the sea level in the immediate vicinity of Panama, from which the water was conducted through a twenty-inch pipe to a connection with the distributing system in the city. Numerous delays occurred in the construction of this water supply system, due to the fact…

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