Issue 24 and Volume 39.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING It is somewhat humiliating to think that human nature in general is such a poor thing as to have framed for itself the creed that it is no harm to cheat a corporation or a municipality, and that the motto, “Do all men, for they would do you,” should be of such universal adoption. But so it is, and one of the most common developments of the theory is to be found in the conscienceless way in which people not only waste water, but steal it. The waste may in great part be set down to carelessness, ignorance, or the idea that, as the waster is taxed and, therefore, pays for the water he has a perfect right to use or abuse the supply of that commodity as he pleases. That erroneous notion, however, is in time cured by the enforced use of the water meter,…

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