Issue 24 and Volume 39.

WATERWORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS From Special Reports to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Fremont, Ohio, is installing a 3,000,000-gallon pump. Chisholm, Minn., has installed a waterworks system. Waupaca, Wis., is extending its waterworks system. Kelliher, Wis., has built a $7,000 waterworks system. Chisholm, Minn., now has its waterworks system in operation. Sheridan, Mich., has voted $13,000 bonds for a waterworks system. At Davis, I. T., the new $25,000 waterworks system will soon be completed. Tahlequah, I. T., is discussing municipal ownership of the waterworks system. The Keokuk, la., Power company is about to build a dam to develop the power. The Hill section of Springfield, Mass., is without adequate pressure in the hydrants. St. Joseph, Mo., is building a reservoir, which will be 200 feet wide and fifteen deep. East Orange, N. J., has just celebrated the completion of its new waterworks system. Kalamazoo, Mich., is about to sink a…

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