Issue 24 and Volume 39.

WATER RATES. ST. CATHERINES, ONT. DWELLINGS AND TENEMENTS—4 to 8 rooms and upwards, $3.50-$6. BOARDINGHOUSE—6 rooms, $5; each additional room, $0.25. HOTELS.—7 rooms, $5; each guest room, $0.25. In addition to the opening rates, the following rates will be charged for the purposes specified: Bathtubs.—Dwelling and tenement houses, $2; each additional, $1; hotels and boardinghouses, $4; each additional, $2; barber shops, $3; each additional, $1.50. Bakeries.—Each barrel, used daily, $5; no bakery less than $5. BARBER Shops.—First chair, $2; each additional, $1. BUTCHER AND FISH Shops.—(Opening), $5. Barrooms.—$5; beer motors in do., $6. BUILDING Purposes.—Brick, per 1,000, $0.10; plastering, per 100 sq. yds., $0.25; stone, per cord, $0.10. concrete, per cu. yd., $0.06; cement walks or floors, 6-in. thick or less, per sq. yd., $0.01 ; cement or concrete walks or floors over 6-in. thick, per cu. yd., $0.06. HOT-WATER AND COMBINATION Boilers.—Residences, $1 ; steam boilers for heating, residences,…

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