Issue 24 and Volume 39.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING Notes on Construction, Extension and Management For over fifty years municipal ownership of its waterworks has been the rule at TRENTON, N. J., and the supply of water has been pure, plentiful to a degree, and furnished at as low a rate as, if not lower than in any other city in the United States. On account of the inexhaustible supply of water which is furnished by pumping from the river at a point one mile and a half distant from the centre of the city, the board of water commissioners, which desires to allow the consumers as much water as they please at as low a price as possible, has not hitherto entertained any proposition to meter the water universally, the result being a per-capita allowance of water far beyond the actual necessities of the citizens. The consumption is very large, being about 120…

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