Issue 24 and Volume 39.

SEASONABLE KINDNESS APPRECIATED. The accompanying letter to R. W. Stockley & Co., the wellknown Philadelphia manufacturers of uniforms and equipments, tells its own tale of the straits to which the firemen of San Francisco, like their neighbors, have been reduced by the fire: “R. W. Stockley & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.: “Kind Sirs—Your letter advising me of uniforms shipped on relief train No. 2 received. We have followed the matter from one station to another, but to no avail. They, no doubt, are doing some good, as during this calamity it mattered not whether you wore policemen, firemen or citizens’ clothes, so long as you had something on to keep out the rain and cold. I am at present stationed on the Stewart street wharf, with engine company No. 9, in tents. It is with sincere thanks that I write you these few lines for your kind remembrance of myself and…

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