Issue 24 and Volume 39.

SKETCH OF CORNELIUS CALLAHAN. Cornelius Callahan is the inventor of seamless cotton rubber-lined hose. His career of more than thirty years as a manufacturer of fire department supplies shows his particular fitness for the making of fire hose. In 1872 he organised the American Fire Hose company, of Chelsea, Mass., and continued with that concern until 1885, when he severed his connection with it to devote his time to the manufacture and sale of his Callahan shut-off nozzle. The success that attended this venture is well known, and it can be said that there is scarcely a fire department today where the Callahan shut-off is not the standard. In 18R9, as a result of pressure brought to bear by fire departments desirous of using his hose, he incorporated the Cornelius Callahan company, and remained as its treasurer and general manager until 1892, when he opened the present factory at Canton…

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