Issue 24 and Volume 39.

THE NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION. The following are abstracts of the reports presented by some of the committees of the National Protection association at its recent annual meeting: SPECIAL HAZARDS AND FIRE RECORD. The committee on special hazards and fire record reported that the sprinkler fire record now includes reports on about 4,800 fires tabulated on a card-index record. The special hazard fire record now comprises 5,600 fires, also tabulated by means of a card system. The fire report blanks have been revised and a large number distributed among members. The record of special hazard fires is, however, yet very incomplete, and the co-operation of all interested in the maintenance of the record is earnestly requested. The quarterly bulletin has been continued and has contained during the year several articles of more than usual value. Of the 894 fires in sprinklered risks during the past year 731 were handled successfully…

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