Issue 26 and Volume 39.

FIRE NOTES FROM NEWARK. NEWARK, N. J., June 24, 1906. The prospect of a new firehouse being built in Grafton avenue at the corner of Parker street in the extreme northern part of the city has given rise to many protests, which will probably not be without effect. The ground in that neighborhood is all restricted, and the property owners and residents claim that the erection of such a building will destroy the semi-rural aspect of the locality. They go so far as to say that, if they must choose between having no firehouse in Forest Hill and having it on Grafton avenue, they prefer to have none. If there must be a firehouse, it should go up on Ridge street, north of Grafton avenue, where there is a public school on the top of the hill to be protected, and no dwellings are in sight, or on one of…

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