Issue 26 and Volume 39.

LEST WE FORGET As the older members of the International Association of Fire Engineers pass away, the desire to keep their memory green grows stronger in the minds of those who are left behind. From these have come in many requests to do something that shall hand down to posterity the names and “counterfeit presentments” of the brave men of ten or more years ago. To that end, therefore, we have reproduced a full page of portraits of the members who attended the twenty-third annual convention of the association at Milwaukee, Wis., in [⅛. In this group will be recognised the faces, once so familiar, of the great firefighters of that dav, who have gone before, whose memory is still held in benediction by their brethren, and is reverenced by those of a younger generation as that of men, each one a hero, whose deeds, had they been warriors, would…

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