Issue 26 and Volume 39.

AMONG THE FIRE ENGINEERS Specially reported for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. For a city of between 30,000 and 40,000 and with a fire area of nearly 13,000 acres, NEWTON, MASS. notwithstanding its many wooden roofs and wooden buildings, had a wonderfully small number of fires in 1905, and more wonderfully small loss—due, of course, to the excellence of its fire department, of which W. B. Randlett is the chief. The firemen were called out by 352 alarms, of which eighty-one were still or verbal, 117, bell, 153, telephone, and one was automatic. The number of fires in buildings was ninety-three; of these seventeen were partially damaged, and fifty, slightly, while in twenty-six no damage was claimed. The remaining 219 alarms were for other than building fires. The assessed value of real estate at risk was $517,556; value of buildings, $435,550, contents, $226.9(10–total, $662,510; estimated loss on buildings, $23,873.68, on contents.…

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