Issue 26 and Volume 39.

FIRE NEWS OF THE WEEK Special Correspondence of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING A new file company is being enrolled at Freeport (L. I.), N. Y, To every alarm of fire at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Chief Nagengast now sends a steamer. The Lebanon, Pa., fire department has elected the Rev. John M. Payne as its chaplain. Lockhaven, Pa., has elected Assistant Chief C. E. Oberheim, chief of its fire department. A two and a half per cent, increase in salaries has heen given the firemen of Auburn, N. Y. W. K Harrison is president of the Wildwood hose company, recently organised at Salamanca, N. Y. For responding to a wrong hox at New Haven. Conn . a captain and lieutenant have suffered loss of rank. Chief Allen, of Trenton, N. J., would have every merchant compelled to remove refuse from his cellar. For the future the fire department of North Bergen,…

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