Issue 26 and Volume 39.

CORRESPONDENCE EDUCATION IN METERAGE. TO FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING : In FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING of June 16, in an article on the above subject (signed “L. M. Cameron,” instead of “Wm. L. Cameron”), the copy set was meant to read: “The majority of the water-takers are not payers, although they may be water-takers.” It should have read “are not taxpayers.” The point was being made that the majority of the water-takers were not taxpayers, and, hence, could be impressed by the politicians. By making the correction you will greatly oblige. WM. L. CAMERON. KNOXVILLE, TENN., June 18, 1906. THE FIRE IN THE NEW YORK SUBWAY. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: The report on the recent fire in the subway of New York shows that the interiors of even the steel cars are not wholly proof against fire. It says: “As a result of the collision a steel motor car…

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