Issue 26 and Volume 39.

WATER RATES. ERIE, PA. ACETYLENE GAS Machines.—For 50-light machine or less, $2. GAS Engines.—5-horsepower or less, $5; each additional horsepower. $1; when water is used over and over again, from tank prepared for the purpose, one-half the above rate. AIR PUMP.—$3. AUTOMOBILE.—$2. Bathtub.—Private (one family),first tub, $3; each additional tub, $1.50; public, each tub, $5. Bakery.—Per barrel used, $0.01. BARBER SHOP. —First chair, with basin, $4; each additional chair, $2. BILLIARD Tables.—$1 ; with floor carpeted. $0.50. Blacksmith.— F’irst fire, $5; each additional, $2.50. BOARDINGHOUSE (in addition to family rates).— Per room, $1. BUILDING Purposes.—Per bushel of lime, to be paid for before work is begun, $0.02. BUTCHER Stalls.—$3 to $15; cow, $0.75. Eatinghouses.—$5 to $25; family, $4. CONDENSING BOILER for steam heating.—Per season of 6 months, per horsepower, $0.25. FIKF. PROTECTION Fixtures.—Testing same, 30 minutes or less, $3; one hour or less, but more than 30 minutes, $5. FLUSHING…

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