Issue 26 and Volume 39.

FILTER CONTRACTS AWARDED. Ten contracts for the completion of the pipe distribution system of the Torresdale filtration plant have just been awarded at Philadelphia by Director of Public Works Hicks. The general contract, which embodies these ten, calls for the laying of twenty-six miles of pipe, to cost about $2,000,000. The aggregate cost of the bids is $1.484,016.48, and the awards were made as follows: Pipe.—Walter Wood & Co., cast iron, 3,229 tons; East Jersey Pipe company, lock bar steel. 53,000 feet; James McNeill & Bro., riveted steel, 26,400 feet; Carrol Porter company, riveted steel, 23,000 feet; Fairbanks company, valves, $1,118,536.77. ‘Trenching and Laying.—R. C. Storrie, $303. 876.30; Cunningham & Murray, $232,042.48; American Paving and Construction company, $71,oi 1.90. Torresdale Pumping Station.—David Peoples, $117.000. Fence Round Kilter Plant.—Edward Fay & Son, $5,549—total, $1,848,016.48. The Torresdale pumping station is to lift the water from the Delaware river to the Torresdale filterbeds.…

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