Issue 2 and Volume 40.

NATIONAL FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. President James D. McNeill, of the National Firemen’s association, has written another long open letter to the members of the American fire service, in which, after adverting to the encouragement his efforts had received, and the expressions of belief that there exists a necessity for such an association which have been sent from all over, he ventures to wonder why, since so many States, some of them prominent, have no organisation, but are “waiting for someone to do something.” someone in every State does not do something as in New York, Illinois, Minnesota and the two Carolinas. Such organisation ought to be much easier than ten or fifteen years ago. since today, instead of promising only a good time, there arc so many business reasons for it. State associations have passed the experimental stage and have become an important oart of the Nation’s organic life. They are…

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