Issue 3 and Volume 40.

THE ART OF BUILDING DAMS. In a recent article by President Frederic P. Stearns, of the American Society of Civil Engineers, on the subject of the “Development of water supplies and water-supply engineering,” he adverts to the art of dam-building and points out that, with respect to it, the “engineers of water supply and of irrigation have been rivals for many years. In India, and in recent years in the arid lands of our own country, the irrigation engineers have been designing and constructing great dams of masonry and of earth. Up to the nresent lime, however, the water-supply engineers have created the greater works. The new Croton dam, completed within the current year, with a height from the lowest point of its foundation to its top of 297 ft., is the greatest of masonry dams, although the mass of masonry is small, in comparison with that of the Great…

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