Issue 3 and Volume 40.

WATERWORKS FOR SIDNEY, NEB. Sidney, Neb., contemplates installing a $13,300 waterworks system. It will include laying 4-in. and 6-in. mains, setting two-way hydrants at the street intersections, building a 100,000-gal. reservoir, sinking a well 40 ft. deep by 12 in. diameter, installing a triple pump with a capacity of 250 gals, per minute and a 15-horsepower motor to drive it. The daily consumption during the irrigation season, it is. estimated, would be 55,000 gals.; during the winter months, 25,000. The cost would be twenty cents per 1,000 gals.—equivalent to $6 per tap, as is now paid to the railway company. The average cost of pumping would be seven cents per 1,000 gals.—giving the city a profit of thirteen cents on all the water sold. The pressure would be 39 lbs. to 43 lbs. At the former pressure two streams from ¾-⅛. nozzles could be thrown vertically 55 ft., horizontally, 41…

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