Issue 5 and Volume 40.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE ENGINEERS The following letter regarding transportation to Dallas, Tex., has been received from Secretary McFall: “Roanoke, Va., July 25, 1906. “Mr. F. W. Shepperd, New York City. “My dear Mr. Shepperd:— The Southern railway advises me under date of July 23 that they have advised the Southeastern Passenger association that a rate of one fare plus $2 would be satisfactory to them. I am very sorry that the Southern did not announce an independent rate in keeping with the N. & W„ for 1 am afraid that the other roads in the S. E. P. A. will stick for the one and one-third fare. Yours truly, JAMKS MI IALL, Secretary.” The following letters have also been received: “I’-astern Passenger Agency, 398 Broadway, “New York, July 30, 1906. Mr. Shepperd, New York. “Dear Sir: For yotir information, the fare from Washington to Dallas, on account of the…

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