Issue 7 and Volume 40.

PROTECTION FROM ARC-LIGHT WIRES. The danger from the crossing of are-light with telephone and other wires is taken up by Fire Marshal Creamer, of Ohio, in his latest bulletin, who recommends that all live wires be buried. Where this is not done, he suggests that the following precautions should be adopted to lessen the danger of accident: “Arc-light wires which usually carry 6,000 volts and feed-wires to trolley substations, which usually carry 30,000 volts and interurban lines of 26.500. should be on poles occupied by them exclusively and they should have below’ them a screen of cheap woven wire fencing to furnish a cradle for broken ends. This wire netting not being continuous past the cross-arm would not carry current. There should also be a loop of wire at the end of the cross arm to prevent the loaded wires from falling off if an insulator should break. Parallel lines…

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