Issue 7 and Volume 40.

DRIVEN WELL SOURCES OF WATER SUPPLY. J. B. Newhall, consulting engineer of 114 Liberty street, Manhattan, New York, has prepared an interesting table, showing the annual rainfall in ten cities of the United States, for ten years, and the monthly rainfall in the same cities for 1905. This table will prove useful to those engaged in waterworks business, and a copy of it may be had by writing to Mr. Newhall at the above address. Those interested in driven well plants for towns, villages, manufactories and railroads may consult Mr. Newhall, who is a specialist in this branch of water supply engineering. In writing on this subject he says: “Underground water free from pollution or mineral impurities belongs to the best class of waters for a domestic supply. During percolation and subterranean storage the temperature is equalised to a degree which benefits the water both in summer and winter.” Mr.…

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