Issue 7 and Volume 40.

FIREPROOF CARS FOR THE PENNSYLVANIA TUNNEL. The Pennsylvania Railroad company has determined that all the passenger cars of the future that are used on its lines shall be of steel, noncollapsible and absolutely fireproof—as safe as engineering science can make them. The type has been determined upon, and a new all-steel coach No. 1051, has for some time been operated in one of the company’s regular local runs. The future passenger equipment is to have not only a steel frame and box, but is to be of steel and non-combustible material in every particular, so as to remove all danger from fire and collision in the future. One thousand of the new cars will be ready when the New York tunnel is completed. There will also be some 500 Pullman cars, which will likewise be of completely non-combustible construction. At the request of the Pennsylvania Railroad the Pullman company is…

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