Issue 7 and Volume 40.

WATERWORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS From Special Reports to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Albia, Ia., is progressing rapidly with its new reservoir. The new water extension at Yarmouth, Me., is practically completed. Laurenburg, N. C., has contracted for a water plant with the Southern Construction company, at $34,000. The recent vote for a waterworks system at Hellaire, Mich., is declared void, because the bonds exceed the limit fixed by statute. An analysis of the city water is being made at Norfolk, Va., by Expert Horton, New York, N. Y., to trace causes of typhoid fever. The water of Mount Vernon, la., is being bacteriologically and chemically examined, in order to find out if it is responsible for some cases of typhoid fever that have occurred there. Decatur, 111., has been chosen as one of twentyfive cities in that State at which stations will be established by the State water survey…

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