Issue 9 and Volume 40.

FINISHING TOUCHES TO THE CROTON DAM. After the new Croton dam had been structurally finished, there still remained a good deal of work to be done in the way of restoring the landscape to something of its former condition and of forming an ornamental park on the downstream side of the structure. The debris had to be graded down and formed into terraces; a central fountain was to be built and a series of driveways and footpaths to be laid out, two leading from the fountain to the foot of the steps, by which those desiring to do so may reach the crest of the dam from two different points. An 18-ft. driveway has also been built along the west of the dam, making a connecting link between two macadamised roads, following the shore of the new Croton lake and forming a continuous ride of more than forty miles in…

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